Fellows 2011-13



Abir Ali


During Fellowship: Program Fellow, Husdon-Webber Foundation

Post-Fellowship: Co-Founder and Designer, Ali Sandifer Studio 

& Director of Design & Culture, The Platform







Eric Anderson


During Fellowship: Director of New School Development, Excellent Schools Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Information Systems and Technology, Excellent Schools Detroit







Felicia Andrews


During Fellowship: Finance/Purchasing Department Fellow, City of Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Founder & Executive Director, Team 313







David Barna


During Fellowship: Buy Detroit Program Manager, Midtown Detroit, Inc. 

Post-Fellowship: Business Development Specialist, Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation







Rena Bradley 


During Fellowship: Community Development Specialist, Detroit Land Bank Authority

Post-Fellowship: Freelance/Consultant and Community Development Coordinator, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries Center







Regina Ann Campbell 


During Fellowship: Milwaukee Junction Business Manager, Vanguard CDC

Post-Fellowship: Managing Director of Place-based Entrepreneurship, TechTown







Marcus Clarke


During Fellowship: Business Development Manager of Procurement Initiative, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Post-Fellowship: Community Education, Outreach and Development, Community Action Partnership Sonoma Country






Brian Connors 


During Fellowship: International (China) Business Development Manager, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Post-Fellowship: Executive Director, Michigan China Innovation Center, Michigan Economic Development Corporation






John Corcoran


Role During Fellowship: Urban Economic Development Director, TechTown

Post-Fellowship: Assistant Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation







Jordan Cox


During Fellowship: Area Development Coordinator, Henry Ford Health System

Post-Fellowship: Vice President, Operations, Surgical Care Affiliates, Henry Ford Health System







Jela Ellefson


During Fellowship: Grants & Specials Proejcts Coordinator, Eastern Market Corporation

Post-Fellowship: Community Development Director, Eastern Market Corporation







Michael Forsyth


During Fellowship: Business Development Manager of Neighborhood Commerical, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Post-Fellowship: Consultant & Partner, Detroit City Distillery 






Bradford Frost


During Fellowship: Office of the Director/CEO, Detroit Institute of the Arts

Post-Fellowship: Director, Detroit Corridor Initiative, Capital Impact Partners







Thomas Habitz, Jr.


During Fellowship: Urban Planning Specialist, Henry Ford Health System

Post-Fellowship: Urban Planning Specialist, Henry Ford Health System







Susan Hopkins


During Fellowship: Detroit Projects Coordinator, Downtown Detroit Partnership

Post-Fellowship: Project Planner, Bergmann Associates







Erin Kelly


During Fellowship: Program Manager of Detroit Green Economy Initiative, Next Energy

Post-Fellowship: Lead Landscape Strategist, City of Detroit Planning & Development Department






Jeanet Kulscar


During Fellowship: Detroit Projects Coordinator, Invest Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Kresge Mayor's Fellow - Director of Strategy, Office of the Chief of Staff to the Chief Financial Officer 







Celeste Layne


During Fellowship: Corridor Revitalization Director, East Jefferson Corridor Collaborative

Post-Fellowship: Instructional Team, General Assembly 







Owiso Makuku


During Fellowship: Detroit Works Program Fellow, City of Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Development and Planning, Farrell Real Estate 







Allyson McLean


During Fellowship: Community Investment Associate, Community Investment Support Fund/Larson Realty Group

Post-Fellowship: Senior Project Manager, Government Affairs, Bedrock Real Estate Services






Dara O'Byrne


During Fellowship: Planning and Development Department Fellow, City of Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Planner & Urban Designer, Alta Planning and Design 







Matteo Passalacqua


During Fellowship: Leasing Officer and Property Manager at Metropolitan Center for High Technology, Wayne State University

Post-Fellowship: Property Manager, Etkin






Rachel Perschetz


During Fellowship: Project Manager, Southwest Housing Solutions

Post-Fellowship: Detroit Residential Expert, Quicken Family of Companies, In-House Realty







Sarida Scott-Montgomery


During Fellowship:  Executive Director, Community Development Advocates of Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Executive Director, Community Development Advocates of Detroit






Melissa Smiley


During Fellowship: Health Analysis Fellow, Data Driven Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Special Assistant & Strategy Officer - Office of the President,Community Foundation Southeast Michigan







Ian Studders


During Fellowship: Leasing and Retail Services Manager, Wayne State University

Post-Fellowship: Senior Project Manager, Princeton Enterprises







Beau Taylor


During Fellowship: Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, City of Detroit

Post-Fellowship: Region Manager, Asplundh Construction 







Kennis Wooten


During Fellowship: Project Assistant to Executive Chairman, DTE Energy

Post-Fellowship: Senior Strategist - Economic Development, DTE Energy







Katy Wyerman


During Fellowship: Program Manager of Detroit Green Economy Initiative, Next Energy

Post-Fellowship: Vice President, Belle Isle Conservancy