About the Program


The Detroit Revitalization Fellows launched its first cohort in 2011. Since then, 80 Fellows have been front and center as leaders in Detroit's civic, community and economic development landscape. We recognized that the city had undergone many changes across a multitude of dimensions and was not the same place it was in 2011. We wanted to understand how the fellowship could continue to nurture and promote the leaders Detroit needs right now as we evolve alongside the city. We recently concluded our strategic assessment of the program and the civic, community and economic development landscape to help us determine how we make the greatest impact. We are finalizing our strategic plan which will culminate in a vision for the Detroit Revitalization Fellows that continues to develop and connect leaders and build the capacity of organizations, while ensuring a commitment to equity in the face of a rapidly transforming city and region. We look forward to sharing more updates about the next phase of the program and eligibility and application information in the fall.