Fellows 2013-15

Allandra Bulger


During Fellowship: Program Manager & Civic Capacity Convener, Detroit Future City

Post Fellowship: Deputy Director for Operations & Capacity Building, Detroit Future City 






Catherine Chammout-Frazier


During Fellowship: Business Development ManagerDetroit Economic Growth Corporation

Post Fellowship:Real Estate & Financial Services Development Manager, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation 





Anthony DeBardelaben


During Fellowship: Community ManagerSouthwest Economic Solutions

Post-Fellowship: Consultant 







Melissa Dittmer, AIA


During Fellowship: Director of Architecture & Urban Design, Rock Ventures 

Post Fellowship: Director of Architecture & Urban Design, Rock Ventures 







Kirsten Donoghue


During Fellowship: Program Manager of Economic Development InitiativeGrandmont Rosedale Development Corporation 

Post Fellowship: TBD







Amber Elliott, Assistant Program Officer


During Fellowship: Assistant Program Officer, Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) 

Post-Fellowship: Manager of Community Partnership Program, Detroit Land Bank Authority 






Diana Flora


During Fellowship: Project Manager, Data Driven Detroit

Post Fellowship: Kresge Mayor's Fellows - Director of Strategy Development, Detroit Police Department







Justin Fried


During Fellowship: Corridor Revitalization DirectorJefferson East, Inc. 

Post Fellowship: Deputy Director for Policy and Programs, Jefferson East Inc. 








Amber Gladney


During Fellowship: Manager, AdministrationInvest Detroit 

Post Fellowship: Vice President, Administration, Invest Detroit








Amanda Gregory


During Fellowship: Director of Street Markets, Eastern Market Corporation 

Post Fellowship: Director of Community Legal Resources, Michigan Community Resources









Jerrell Harris


During Fellowship: Placemaking & Planning Manager, Focus: HOPE 

Post-Fellowship: Kresge Mayor's Fellow, Director of Restructuring & Transformation, City of Detroit 







Freyja Harris


During Fellowship: Program Officer,  Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation 

Post Fellowship: Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, & Dance 







Mike Madej


During Fellowship: Community Engagement Manager , The Greening of Detroit 

Post Fellowship: Regional Recruitment Supervisor, Peace Corps 







Keegan Mahoney


During Fellowship: Program Officer, Hudson Webber Foundation 

Post Fellowship: Program Director, Hudson Webber Foundation








Victoria Olivier


During Fellowship: Program Manager, Detroit Future City 

Post-Fellowship: Deputy Director for Neigbhorhoods, Detroit Future City 







Ed Potas


During Fellowship: Real Estate Development Project Manager, Midtown Detroit Inc.

Post-Fellowship: Manager, Real Estate Development, Cinnaire







Robin Wachen


During Fellowship: Senior Project Manager, Detroit Future City

Post-Fellowship: TBD







Eric Wilson


During Fellowship: Planning and Development Manager, Downtown Detroit Partnership 

Post-Fellowship: Relationship Manager, 100 Resilient Cities






Sandra Yu Stahl


During Fellowship: Senior Manager for Strategic Initiatives, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice 

Post Fellowship: Lead Evaluator, CitizenDetroit