Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for the 2015-2017 Detroit Revitalization Fellows? 
Please visit our Application & Selection page for details.

What is expected of a Detroit Revitalization Fellow?
Detroit Revitalization Fellows are ambitious and energetic in their pursuit of stimulating progress for Detroit’s civic, community and economic development landscape. They do so through full participation in transformative work at the organizations they work at, as well as through regular programming with the rest of their cohort of Fellows. While doing so, Fellows embody the following characteristics:

What is expected of the employers that host a Detroit Revitalization Fellow?
Each employer will provide their Fellow with a stable and supportive work environment while challenging the ambitious doer through a full-time two-year work assignment that addresses a pressing need related to their core mission. Employers will demonstrate that they:

What are the desired qualifications for a Detroit Revitalization Fellow?
All Detroit Revitalization Fellows have an undergraduate degree, and most also hold a graduate degree. Fellows will typically have somewhere between five to fifteen years of professional experience. A Revitalization Fellow should be accomplished in her or his line of work, but also be willing to step out of that experience for a new and challenging professional opportunity.

What is the employment package for a Detroit Revitalization Fellow?
Fellows receive competitive salaries and benefits packages through their individual employers, where they serve as full-time employees for the two-year term of the fellowship. Base salaries range from $50,000 to $80,000 annually. Fellows also have access to a significant amount of group leadership development training, an individual professional development coach and an individual professional training allowance.

Where do Detroit Revitalization Fellows work?
Revitalization Fellows work at organizations at the forefront of some Detroit’s most important civic, community and economic development efforts. To date, Fellows in the first two cohorts have worked at over thirty organizations in and around Detroit. A full listing of these organizations can be found at the Employers page.

What happens after the two year Fellowship concludes?
The Detroit Revitalization Fellows network truly is everything for us, and we encourage Fellows to remain connected after their two year commitment concludes. There isn’t one specific measure of success, but there are several factors that come into play. First and foremost, every Fellow is supported in finding her or his next professional adventure. They are given access to the full resources of the program, its staff, advisors and the network to help decide what comes next professionally several months before the fellowship concludes. Any of the following are, among other paths not listed here, supported outcomes:

What is the process for becoming an employer of a Detroit Revitalization Fellow?
The selection process for 2015-17 employers began in the Fall of 2014 with a mandatory informational session that served as the first step in the selection process. The employers’ application period closed on December 1, 2014. Please visit our Application & Selection page for more details.